Integrated Offender Management

Integrated Offender Management (IOM) is a program of work tackling the Boroughs most persistent and prolific offenders. Through a process of both enforcement and support the IOM scheme aims to reduce the cycle of repeat offending.

IOM helps to improve the quality of life in communities by:

  • Reducing the negative impact of crime and reoffending
  • Reducing the number of people who became victims of crime
  • Helping to improve the public’s confidence in the criminal justice system

In Southend, the most persistent and problematic offenders are identified and managed jointly by partner agencies working together (IOM Team).

The local arrangement of IOM is to provide a local response to local problems and give back to the community. With recent success working on specific projects;

  • Cenotaph
  • Leigh Library Gardens
  • Working with Rescue Dogs.

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